четверг, 6 февраля 2014 г.

New Year pullover

Yep, I must say I'm not very successful with knitting something for myself. But last year before Christmas and New Year celebrations I finally finished a white pullover. I've been knitting it for more than a year. In Autumn 2012 I made a white pullover, wore it couple times, but then understood I didn't like it, so i destroyed it. Then I started a new one, made it slowly for couple months, but then again stopped liking it, so destroyed it again. And finally I understood what I really wanted. I wanted a simple piece of clothes which would look humble and warm me in cold days, but at the same time it should also have something interesting, so I found a pattern, which in its turn was also simple. (Yep, simplicity is my disease, if I can say so).

So here it is:

For this pullover I used needles #5. (And it's all for XS size.)
I'm, frankly, too lazy to tell about the whole process, but can tell generally.

For the back and the front piece I cast on 72 st. The rib's height is 5 cm.
The back piece and the sleeves are entirely in st st after the rib. For the back piece: in the next row after the rib I add evenly 4 st and continue in st st until I come up to armholes, where I cast off 9 st from both sides of the piece. Then I continue in st st for 19 cm, after what cast off all the st.
The front piece goes the same way as the back one, but there is a pattern in the middle, so it goes like that:
5 cm in rib, next 2 rows - in st st, while in the first of them I evenly add 4 st. Then we start the pattern: edge st, k12, p1, cable (on 3 st), p1, pattern (36 st), p1, cable (on 3 st), p1, k12, edge st.
And it goes like that until armholes, where I cast off 9 st on both sides. So now instead of 12 k, we make 3 k. And then 19 cm more and cast off all the stitches.
For sleeves I cast on 38 st, knit 5 cm in rib, the next row I add 2 st on both sides, and then stitch adding goes like that: add 2 st in every 8th row 9 times, and after that add 2 st in every 6th row 4 times. Then continue until needed length and cast off all the stitches.
Sew all the parts together.

As for the cable and pattern. We make cable on 3 st: 2 rows in st st, for the next row slip 2 st on cable needle behind the piece, k1, k st from the cable needle. And repeate like that.

And pattern is here:
This pattern shows how it looks from the right side.

slip as to k, k, po

Yep, too much to read, but I hope you manage it :)