четверг, 27 марта 2014 г.

Knitted flower

Here I present my version of quite a popular instruction on how to knit a flower.
It's very simple and quick. I think it would be very cool to make it together with children.

So for that you'd need 2 needles (30-35 cm long) and a thread. You won't need a long thread, so if you have some leftovers you can successfully use them here.

To start with, you cast on 56 st, and knit 9-11 rows in st st. An you get smth like this:
In the next row (which should be on the back side) we start manipulations: edge st, 4 p, drop 1 st, 8 p, drop 1 st, 8 p, drop 1 st, 8 p, drop 1 st, 8 p, drop 1 st, 8 p, drop 1 st, 4 p, edge st.
As for the dropped stitches, you need to unweave them down to the 2nd row. When you turn the piece it looks approximately like this:
So in the next row (right side) you do like this: edge st, 4 k, *put the right needle through the dropped stitch and under the loose yarn and knit it, k8*, repeat 4 times, k the dropped st, 4 k, edge st.
In the next row purl 3 st together at a time, so when you turn the piece it should hopefully look better than this:

You can notice that i didn't put the needle under the loose yarn. But anyways, the only thing left to do is to gather all the stitches onto the thread forming a flower and graft the ends of the piece forming a petal:
With this piece i made a pin.
I'd be really happy to read your comments and see your flowers! :)

среда, 19 марта 2014 г.

Now on Myspace!

Great news! Now you can find my works on Myspace.
There i'm planning to post photos of my works, which haven't been published here ('cause i'm too lazy to write about each and every piece). Hurray!

воскресенье, 9 марта 2014 г.

Colour issues again

Last time I wrote about "taking advice" from nature when it comes up to combining colours. However there are methods which correspond to current technical progress :)
On internet you can already find interesting colour palettes and even whole web-sites of such palettes. And here i present you a project www.design-seeds.com. The project has been created by Jessica, who besides being passionate about colour, also has degree in industrial design and worked for Ford, Timberland and Reebok, so there can't be any questions about professionalism and experience of the project's founder. On the website you can search palettes by theme and colour value. It's also possible to purchase palette books and some other products.
Another and very, i'd say, serious approach to colour matching is Pantone Matching System: pantone.com. Well, you can browse their page by yourself, so there is no need to tell in details about their products. The most important is that they make trend forecasts and that's how we can find out what are the most fashionable colours of coming seasons. And so the colour of the year 2014 is Radiant Orchid.
Do you use any services in matters related to colour?