суббота, 16 мая 2015 г.

Make-up bag

Well, sometimes I get extremely lazy even to write a message to the blog, and really feel like I need to fix this :)
Here is one of my works, which may be called a make-up bag, or just a little bag, or a pouch depending on what you'd like to use it for.
You need: piece of fabrics, zipper of a right length, sewing machine (you can sew by hand too), sewing thread, yarn of 2 different colours, knitting needles.
Cannot give you any pattern for knitting, 'cause I have it only on paper. But you can find really a huge amount of different snowflake fair isle patterns on Internet. The rest of the piece gets covered with a "dot" pattern (*one st in color 1, another st in color 2*, repeat from * to *). And you'll need 2 knitted pieces.
Then take your piece of fabrics and cut it in two.
Then you take a zipper and start your sewing machine. Your next task is to attach the fabrics and knitten pieces to the zipper and you can use this tutorial for help:  http://ginapina.com/wordpress/08/zipper-pouch-tutorial
When fabrics' pieces and knitted pieces are sewn to the zipper you act as following: with sewing machine, sew fabrics only (!) together, leave your knitted pieces open. Then cover the fabrics lining with the knitted top (so that you see the right side of the nearly ready pouch).

 Unfortunately, you'll have to sew the knitted pieces together by hand. I did it with light pink yarn. I thought it'd be funnier this way, when stitches that keep two knitted pieces together would be seen.

On photos you can see the finnished bag (I didn't take any photos of the whole process). And I still haven't found any use for that :)

пятница, 16 января 2015 г.


Happy New Year to everybody! Hyvää uutta vuotta! Bonne année! С наступившим Новым годом! Auguri di Buon anno! Gott Nytt År!
(Sorry for a late wish.)

Well, I really hope you had great celebrations of Christmas and New Year. I bet you received many presents and you gave as many.
At the end of the last year I did't have much time, so I didn't manage to make many hand-made presents. But among those were mittens, which I would like to present:
They went for the very loved ones.
And I'm in such state of mind that I'd like to share a description of the grey mittens. I called them "Tamara's mittens".
Feel free to download the PDF. I really tried my best to make the description as clear as possible, but I'm not sure if I've succeeded in that :) So you're very welcome to ask question (if you have some) in comments.


Tamara's mittens PDF