среда, 12 июня 2013 г.

about Inspiration (#1)

A little thing I'd like to share is devoted to inspiration.
Besides the fact that one can find inspiration in all the big and small things that surround us, we sometimes need a verbally expressed "push" to activate our brains and muscles. Personally I'm not a big fun of long speeches "Steve Jobs style", I prefer short forms. So here is an example from a guy with a symbolic surname:

воскресенье, 9 июня 2013 г.

Kinda pot

Well, I'd like to start telling that this blog is aimed primarily at those who like creating smth with their hands even though it may be something completely stupid. At the present moment of my life I have a lot of free time. Some time before I didn't know what I could use all this time for, but now such question just doesn't even come to my mind, usually I take needles and start knitting. And I'd like to share some ideas with the general public and will be very grateful to get some feedback from you... and maybe some ideas also :)

So, today I'd like to make a post about how to make a little "kinda pot".

For our future pot we'll need a box made of cardboard, a plastic bag, thread, stocking needles, free time and a drop of imagination. For the thread I chose acrylic thread, because it's quite resistant to water and other elements and it's also light. And the needles are #4 (4 mm).
The plastic bag (or a piece of it) will go inside the box, obviously it's needed for our box doesn't get spoiled because of soil and water. It'll look like this (quite funny):
Then with the help of two needles we knit the base according to the size of the box's bottom. As nobody will ever see this side of our future "kinda pot" it really doesn't matter what pattern you choose. 
After the base is finished don't cast off, leave the stitches on the needle and increase on the other three edges of the base, like this:
After that you may choose what ever pattern you like. I personally prefer smth simple, so for the next several rows I continued in stockinette stitch, and then I used the following pattern: 
1 row: the first and the last st on each needle - purl stitches, the stitches in between them - knit stitches.
2 row: first 2 stitches and last 2 stitches on each needle - purl, the stitches in between them - knit.
Continue like this till this piece covers the box. 
Then continue in st st for several rows and cast off loosely, so that the edge rolls up.
Then put the piece on the box.
My "kinda pot" looks like this:
I threw several seeds into the soil, but nothing has grown so far :)