суббота, 21 декабря 2013 г.

Christmas feeling

It's Christmas and New Year celebration soon. The weather this year doesn't please, so I tried to create Christmassy atmosphere by myself.

This time it's not about knitting, but about something that is hand-made.
This year such Christmas trees are especially in fashion and are very easy to make. You need only to make a paper cone and cover it with tape or film. Then take a thread to your taste and reel it over the cone covering it with a good layer of decoupage glue. Leave your future tree to dry (i left it for two days) and then carefully take it of the paper cone. And that's it, the tree is ready, you only need to decorate it (if you want).
Hope this year we see snow...

пятница, 6 декабря 2013 г.


It's snowing today and the ground is finally white, so i thought it's time to tell about another "work" of mine. Made it several months ago (as a birthday present), so it'll be quite difficult to remember details.

For these socks i used a thread which, as producer says, was specially for knitting socks (40% wool, 35% acrylic, 25% polyamide) and needles #4 (4 mm).
The size was supposed to be 37-38.
So at first you need to cast on stitches to four needles (not sure already but in my case it should have been smth like 51 st). And the first row you just knit on 1st and 4th needle but on 2nd and 3rd you make 2x2 rib starting and finishing with 2 k.
Next row you start pattern on 2nd and 3rd needles. I found my pattern on internet on some website and it was probably taken from some magazine. I changed it a little and finally got pattern which took 22 stitches in width and 16 rows in height. And you knit the pattern until the piece comes to the toe.
On the 1st and 4th needles you continue in rib until it comes to the heel. You knit the heel on two needles (1st and 4th) in traditional way in stockinette stitches.
After the heel you continue the piece again on four needles and again continue making the pattern on the 2nd and the 3rd needles, while stockinette stitch on the 1st and the 4th.
When it comes to the toe you start knitting in st st on all the four needles.
So when your sock is ready you can see that its top has quite interesting pattern: it has pattern in front, 4 k st on each side and a rib on the back.
Through the length of the sock the pattern (in my case) was repeated four times (as you can see from the photo).
It's Christmas and the New Year celebration soon. So if you can't decide what presents you wanna give to your family and friends and definitely wanna do presents by your own hands socks could be a good idea. One can always find a way to use them :)