четверг, 27 марта 2014 г.

Knitted flower

Here I present my version of quite a popular instruction on how to knit a flower.
It's very simple and quick. I think it would be very cool to make it together with children.

So for that you'd need 2 needles (30-35 cm long) and a thread. You won't need a long thread, so if you have some leftovers you can successfully use them here.

To start with, you cast on 56 st, and knit 9-11 rows in st st. An you get smth like this:
In the next row (which should be on the back side) we start manipulations: edge st, 4 p, drop 1 st, 8 p, drop 1 st, 8 p, drop 1 st, 8 p, drop 1 st, 8 p, drop 1 st, 8 p, drop 1 st, 4 p, edge st.
As for the dropped stitches, you need to unweave them down to the 2nd row. When you turn the piece it looks approximately like this:
So in the next row (right side) you do like this: edge st, 4 k, *put the right needle through the dropped stitch and under the loose yarn and knit it, k8*, repeat 4 times, k the dropped st, 4 k, edge st.
In the next row purl 3 st together at a time, so when you turn the piece it should hopefully look better than this:

You can notice that i didn't put the needle under the loose yarn. But anyways, the only thing left to do is to gather all the stitches onto the thread forming a flower and graft the ends of the piece forming a petal:
With this piece i made a pin.
I'd be really happy to read your comments and see your flowers! :)

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