воскресенье, 19 октября 2014 г.

Last knits

Long time no messages from me. However it doesn't mean i stopped knitting :)
I've knitted quite much lately, but i'm just so lazy to take photos and post them.
This week i managed to fight against my laziness and here are the newest items.
At first it's a pullover for myself.
It's very light (only 200 gr of yarn used) but warm. Made with needles size 3,5 mm, but my knitting is very loose so, one st in 3,5 mm needles here could equal approx. 4-4,5 mm with somebody else's knitting. The yarn used is composite: 30% mohair, 70% acrylic.
Unfortunately, i cannot give you instructions just because they don't exist. The only thing i had was the picture with measures in cm, that's it.
You can also check how it looks on me on Instagram.

The latest item is socks.
This time i used pattern from DROPS Design.  I changed it little bit, so the socks are about two cm longer in ankle. I also didn't have Garn studio yarn available, so i used what i had with approximately the same length/weight ratio (in my case it was "7 Veljestä" by Novita). Quite easy and quick to make, but they look very nice.

So here were the latest news from me :)

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